Question BSOD linked to Audio drivers

Nov 7, 2020
I didn't get any replies in my first post a few weeks back but I won't give up yet. My problem, I've been running into occasional BSOD and I feel 90% certain it's because of my Audio Drivers. Yesterday while I was on Discord I plugged in my headset, and chose "Headset" when the option popped up, I could listen through the headset but the mic wasn't working, I checked sound panel, plugged and unplugged and noticed that nothing changed when I plugged in either a headset or chose the microphone option ( I could listen to stuff tho). I tried the headset on another laptop and it worked just fine (both audio and mic). I did a few quick searches and most of it pointed me towards a "Realtek Audio High Defiinition console" on the control panel which I don't have, (here we go again) I read that I needed the Realtek Audio Drivers to get the console. ok. I downloaded the appropriate drivers from the Acer site, installed them appropriately, and it prompted me to restart my system after it uninstalled the current drivers. I run into a BSOD that didn't make any dumps. I still remember the error "Kernel_Mode_Heap_Corruption". after it rebooted it finished installing and asked me for another restart. no BSOD this time. and I assumed the problem was over and done with. I was wrong. I tried to plug in my headset yet again and this time it didn't even register the headset and audio still comes from the speakers while the headset is plugged in. I swear this laptop has been nothing but problem after problem but I'm stuck with it and as a student I don't have much of a choice other than try to fix it. I'm at a loss at what to do since I resume my classes in Jan and need to fix it by then, so yea, hoping for some miracles ;-;

Model is: Acer Predator Helios 300 or PH315-53-72XD
Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro x64
Blue screens every 2 weeks-ish rough estimate
I'll try and reinstall the audio drivers later today if I get ignored again and just hope for the best

Thanks in advanced!