Question BSOD Memory management, bought new RAM stick but still BSOD

Jul 31, 2019
Hey there, a couple of weeks ago my friends pc started BSOD with the message Memory Management and he asked me for help. Want i did was checking for issues with the ram and it said i needed to contact the manufacturing company so we sent his pc to get fixed. After like a week when we got the pc back it worked for a few days until i started BSOD again so we figured that he might just try and buy a new set of RAM stick. He got them today and even after installing them i BSOD with the same message. I am not that good with that sort of things so i am out of my league here :p What could we try and do? He cant format the pc since it BSOD after like 30% complete :/ Thanks for the help

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In order to help you further, please see this guide as a minidump and system spec from your friends computer would be useful:

Memory Management isn't necessarily a RAM hardware error, it can be third party drivers, storage drives, and the RAM or RAM slots.

So the BSOD still occurs even when installing windows? Is there any overclock or XMP being run? If so, reset the BIOS completely to defaults first.

Have you also tried just 1 RAM module in each slot?
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