Question BSOD Memory_management caused by driver ntoskrnl.exe, what I need to do to repair?

Sep 11, 2022
My computer suddently BSOD sometimes (using chrome, evernote, acrobat reader or any other commom program), showing this error. Blue Screen Viewer showed that it was caused by driver ntoskrnl.exe.

I already checked my memory with windows diagnostic tool and memtest86, both didn't find any errors.
Crystaldiskinfo says that my ssd is working properly (health).
I stressed cpu and gpu and didn't happened any problem.
Used sfc scannow and chkdsk /r in cmd.
Already format and made a clean install of windows 10, but BSOD keeps happening.

This is my Dmp file:

Motherboard: MSI Pro B660M-A
CPU: Intel i5 12400f
RAM: 2x 8gb ddr4 3200MHz Team Group
GPU: Nvidia PNY GTX 970
SSD: Kingston 120GB (Windows 10 installed)
HD: Seagate 1Tb
PSU: EVGA 600W, 80 Plus White

Blue Screen Viewer problem
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Win 11 Master
Conversion of dump file
Results - click run as fiddle to see report

File: 091122-6281-01.dmp (Sep 12 2022 - 08:42:51)
Probably caused by: memory_corruption (Process: chrome.exe)
Uptime: 0 Day(s), 8 Hour(s), 44 Min(s), and 26 Sec(s)

nothing obvious.
I would update realtek LAn drives and see if that helps
Download Win10 Auto Installation Program (NDIS) from under the windows header here -

You don't have that many drivers installed for me to suggest updates
there is a newer version of Intel Management Engine Interface on MSI website under other drivers
You may want both of the drivers under this section.
Sep 11, 2022
I had both of these drivers before new windows clean installation and it was having BSODs.
So this time I didn't installed all of the drivers because I was scared it could be one of them causing problems.

Also, my Bios is in the last version: 7D43v17
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