Question BSOD need help !

Sep 12, 2019
After a clean windows install ,i still get BSOD ,mostly as Bug checks . Drivers up to date , Rams checked with memtest86 no errors .Temperatures are ok , all fans are ok and SSD / HDD are all in good states. I still get alot of DistributedCom errors and alerts in Event Viewer . Last 2 BSOD errors were Unexpected_Store_exception and DPC Watchdog Violation while playing a game.

MOBO: Tomahawk b350 MSI
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
GPU: GTX 1070
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8gb Ram DDR4 3000Mhz x2
PSU: EVGA 650 G3
Windows 10: 1903

Had this system for 2 years without any issues . I did Overlock the cpu early after i made the build but right after i set it back to default.
Im thinking i have some windows file corruption but i dont know from where to start or what is causing the corruption.


the 2 BSOD after the clean install


Tried to upload the BSOD minidumps from the bluescreenviewer but got permission error. All drivers are checked with Driver boost , no yellow exclamation on any of them . GPU driver updated via Nvidia Experience. The only think that is not update is the Bios version since i wasnt sure it was needed for this kind of stuff.
If anyone can guide me on how to fix it or what could be the issue i would gladly appreciated since at this point im pretty desperate to know where the problem is . Corrupted Mobo ? Psu ?
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