Question BSOD no solution

Feb 7, 2023
So for 5 months I'm still having the same problem: BSOD

I have changed my SSD, RAM, MOBO. had reset/reformat(SSD, HDD) my system multiple times with different technicians.
After a day or two, again BSOD appears. I also tried switching my procie to my friends' procie if mines the problem,
But it's not. I have a licensed kaspersky if malware is the one causing it, tried several scans as well. it detected some malicious
files in google, vlc and firefox so I cleaned it through the antivirus then updated it since kaspersky said it was the solution.
(i deleted google btw).

my spec is:

R5 3600
RTX 2060
32gb RAM
500gb SSD
1tb HDD
650 seasonic gold psu


Do this

Type Control Panel in the search area of the taskbar and click Open. In the following window, choose System and Security > Security and Maintenance. Click on Maintenance and then select View reliability history. That should tell you what crashed, it will help narrow down why it crashed instead of blindly swapping out parts and doing fresh windows installs