BSOD ntoskrnl - dmp files included


Jul 26, 2015
So I know ntoskrnl.exe is the issue since I am using BlueScreenView. I briefly looked up ntoskrnl and it's function. It seems my issue could be many different things though.

I've tried to get fails/bsod with BurnInTest probably a dozen times to no avail. However when the crashes have happened it's always been while gaming. And on top of that it only happen on pretty "demanding" games.

This isn't a new build. So it's not ram timing or voltage issue. My system has been running fine until recently. I produce music and play games with it primarily.

Win 8.1
ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0
2x8 gig DDR3 sticks
GTX 970
Multiple WD Black 7200rmp drives

I'm really not sure how to analyze the dumps. Any help is greatly appreciated.
looking at the first (most current bugcheck) I can not debug it but if i were to guess it would be caused by
: Logitech WingMan Hid Lower Filter Driver

the software is from 2010, I would remove it or see if there is a update.

also, you would have to provide a kernel memory dump to figure out this type of problem, the debug info gets stripped out of the minidump file.
IE change the memory dump type from minidump to kernel memory dump, reboot and go until the next bugcheck and provide the file
c:\windows\memory.dmp (it will be a much bigger file but will contain the debug info)

you should also update your Realtek PCI/PCIe Adapters if you can
(rtl 8111F chipset)

machine info:
Product M5A99FX PRO R2.0
BIOS Version 2501
BIOS Starting Address Segment f000
BIOS Release Date 04/07/2014



Jul 26, 2015
The only logitech thing I use is a G27. I checked for driver updates, nothing new. So ironically I fired up my logitech profiler program to try and find an update option of some sort. It actually prompts me to upgrade automatically! (odd because I use it regularly) So I update it, seems like we're on to something! It messes everything up. I realize the old program is completely separate, it wasn't an "update" as they stated, it just installed a completely different program... So I uninstall both, including the logitech HID drivers. I then install the newest logitech gaming software again. It doesn't detect my G27. period. I do some digging on forums and realize the newer versions aren't for controllers or steering wheels, only for mice and keyboards. Pretty funny how logitech profiler that I've used for a G27 wheel prompts me to upgrade to a useless version that doesn't even support game controllers eh? Complete logitech uninstall, again. Reinstall the older (proper, based on research) logitech software. G27 works fine again.

So long story short: logitech makes cool items, but doesn't seem to care about updating drivers and software for some know like their most popular steering wheel... So I am 90% sure I cannot update my logitech software, including drivers any further :|

By updating my Realtek PCI/PCIe adapters I'm assuming you mean the driver? for example in device manager > Network Adapters > Realtek PCIe GBE family controller. If that's the case my search brings me to here, and I'm confused what do to:

As for the memory dump issue I will look into that and change it and play some system heavy games to try and trigger a crash.


you might remove various usb devices or if you must have them you might move some to your usb 3.0 hub.

the internal error log for this devices indicates it is getting invalid device requests
VendorID:0x0DC6(Precision Squared Technology Corporation) ProductID:0x2011 Version:0x0103
looks like precision squared technology corp makes the keyboard driver.

(all of the other internal USB logs did not show any errors)

looks like the system is running out of nonpaged pool because of your audio driver
I think it just has bugs, allocates nonpaged pool memory until the system runs out, then gets a error and the system bugchecks when the error is not handled correctly. The bug can be in the usb audio driver, the USB chipset drivers, or the BIOS or even another USB or a different device installed on your machine. for your case the bug can also be in the firmware of the usb media hub.

here is the firmware version reported by the asmedia hub Firmware 130704_100201
but it does not look like anything is connected to it and the hubs are suspended
so I guess the device would have to be on your usb 2.x ports.

some third party driver is eating up your non page pool.
the pool tag is YSUA 12752544 nonpaged pool used.

my guess it is going to be a bug in
\SystemRoot\system32\drivers\ysusb64.sys Thu Oct 08 23:34:48 2015

Driver Description: Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver

Driver Update Site:

you can grep for the tag inside the driver to confirm what driver own the tag "YSUA"
here are instructions on how to use the find string command to find which driver on you machine owns objects with this tag:

64822 total locks used

here are the devices that look like they are connected to your usb2x ports:
VendorID:0x09DA(A-FOUR TECH CO., LTD.) ProductID:0x9090 Version:0x0191
InstancePath: USB\VID_09DA&PID_9090&MI_01\6&3875fd75&0&0001

VendorID:0x0DC6(Precision Squared Technology Corporation) ProductID:0x2011 Version:0x0103
(not sure what this is)

VendorID:0x046D(Logitech Inc.) ProductID:0xC02B Version:0x0001
InstancePath: LogiDevice\WmVirtualDevice\1&79f5d87&1&01

VendorID:0x046D(Logitech Inc.) ProductID:0xC02C Version:0x0001



Jul 26, 2015
This is a tad more complex than I had hoped. Thanks for the response. First off here are my usb devices:

-Steinberg Cubase dongle (license)
-iLOK dongle for various licenses
-Steinberg UR22 audio interface
-old 5400rmp external WD drive
-And at the time of this crash my Logitech G27

None of the devices are plugged into my usb 3.0 port. It seems I consistently run into 3.0 issues on forums (dongles and UR22 come to mind), so I have avoided it. The Logitech G27 gets unplugged when not using it, everything else remains plugged in.


I've had issues with the yamaha steinberg drivers in the past. Technically within my DAW I don't use yamaha steinberg as my asio driver. I've had all sorts of issues with it. I'm on a relatively fresh install of windows and I'm certain my yamaha steinberg driver is up to date. If it appears not to be (old date), it's just a case of crap software support from steinberg.

I'm scratching my head at why I only get BSOD's when I'm playing demanding games. I can work on music or play lighter games all day, no crash. Also if it is a driver issue why does it just start causing problems out of nowhere when there has been no software/driver changes?

So I'm thinking I will try plugging my UR22 into a different port, even the 3.0. If that does nothing I'll just uninstall the drivers associated with the UR22 interface, play those demanding games and see if it runs stable. And if that's the case I will have to buy a new interface. I have lost all hope in steinbergs products, software and hardware. My UR22's 1/4" inputs died 3 months after I bought it. And I've had driver issues in the past with yamaha/steinberg so I'm not surprised if that is the issue. And cubase 8 pro...well...thats been a joke.

the driver that was using all of your nonpage kernel
is most likely ysusb64.sys Nonpaged pool is limited memory space in the kernel when it is all used up driver memory allocations fail and drivers start to crash and you get blue screens.

put the device on the usb 3.0 port on the assumption that while on the USB 2.0 port you had another driver that was messing up the ysusb64.sys driver. if so, then it will work correctly, if it is just a bug in the driver then it will still eat up all of your system nonpaged pool and your system will still crash.

I guess you could also do a restart of your machine every few hours. It took 19 hours before your non paged pool was exhausted.



Jul 26, 2015
So the UR22 doesn't work with either of my usb 3.0 ports, and I'm not surprised.

I ran benchmarks and played some demanding games a bit ago... non paged pool didn't go above 116mb for over 3 hours of play (according to task manager). But I'm wondering what's max so I don't have to look over every second on my other monitor at task manager :) ...basically I want to disable/uninstall a couple drivers and keep a eye on my non paged pool in real time while I push my system.

The main culprit Yamaha/steinberg driver is up to date, no doubt.

Yeah I can't be restarting my system all the time :) besides like I said, it only crashes during newer/demanding games. It will not crash while making music or playing lighter games all day. And when I work on music it's not uncommon for me to load up like 10 gigs of ram with orchestral samples... man I'm confused. One thing is certain my ever growing annoyance of steinberg has reached a new height!

Which brings me to another quick question:
**If I "disable" my UR22 in device manager, will that stop the driver or do I actually have to uninstall the driver?**

for eg I want to see if I can avoid crashes by eliminating that driver process. If not I will just uninstall the driver to see if it is in fact the root of all evil.

So is this issue considered a "memory leak?" I've never had to deal with one before. I just watched this, would this be safe and worth trying?:
you might want to download and run poolmon.exe it is part of the windows sdk but it is a free download.
you can have it sort by non paged pool.

some drivers may not leak but are just greedy, they allocate as much non page pool as they can get and use if for its driver.
it makes the driver perform better but when a different driver needs the memory it can not get it and will fail. This would be a case where the non paged pool would not increase but still be excessive.

poolmon.exe can also help identify other drivers using large amounts of nonpaged pool.


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