Question BSOD on startup - auto repair fails and resetting the PC fails. My computer is essentially bricked right now.

Sep 8, 2018
Two days ago, I turned my PC, and was greeted by the infamous blue screen. No big deal, to be honest. But when it restarted and performed the automatic repair, that failed too. Now I have no idea what to do about my computer, because it essentially seems to be bricked. I've tried resetting the PC, but that fails too. I've tried the normal startup repair, but that fails. I've even found my Windows 10 CD and tried using the repair tool on that, but it just gives me the same options I get on my computer, and isn't any help either. I've also tried some online methods that involve the command prompt, including chkdsk (which took hours, and came up with nothing).

One of the biggest leads I may have gotten in figuring out what may have gone wrong was trying bootrec through the command prompt, and when I use

bootrec /scanos

it says

Total identified Windows installations: 0

After trying all I can try from the internet, I have to turn to reddit as my final hope. I don't know what else to say, but here are some resources if they help:
I would include my Windows version, but I don't know how to get it from just the command prompt. The PC is custom built, with a GTX 980 and an i5-4690k.