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Oct 29, 2017
I have been having the same BSOD for over months now. I had no issues since ~Dec. but it started again.
I've done a lot of diagnostics but it didn't resolve my problem. Sometimes the bsod not happening for days, sometimes weeks but if i stress the hardware (e.g multiple opened programs, games etc) then sometimes it makes a buzzing sound in my ears and a half second freezing, then goes back to normal.
List of things i tried:
-Windows memory diagnostics. - no fault
-Memtest - no fault
-Driver verifier - nothing.
-Windows 10 - BIOS - drivers updated (Clean gpu install w ddu)
-no overclocking
-HDD sentinel shows 100% and no faults.
-malware check - nothing
-tried with a different psu too.
-Clean win10 install happened a couple days ago.
I attached a link with photos about windbg and bsv. Attached minidump too.
Any help/idea would be appreciated.
//edit: Overheating or dust is not the problem.
FULL hardware specifications including EXACT model numbers where possible, especially for the power supply, and please include how long that unit has been in service, total. Especially if it's been reused through more than one build.

Also, do you have ANY problems trying to POST, ever? Is it ONLY in Windows that you have problems? You can go into the BIOS and let it sit there forever and never have any issues? Have you tried creating a bootable Ubuntu OS on a flash drive and see if you have any BSOD problems while running that?


Oct 29, 2017
I built this pc for my father around 2019 with brand new parts beside GPU. It never had any problem trying to post or when idle. Without heavy load on the system it won't recreate the problem. (e.g while browsing or downloading) To recreate the problem he had, i had to play a game+ open several programs which eventually resulted in bsod.
I tried watching temperatures, loads, gpu power in watts but all seemed normal.
Intel P. G5600, Gigabyte H310 DS2 (rev 1.0), Crucial 2133mhz ddr4 8gb (CT8G4DFD8213.C16FAR11 ) , Seagate 1TB HDD, PSU: Deepcool DN400 (400w 85% eff), GB gtx1050ti.
First thing I'd do is get a better PSU. That one is a complete piece of crap. Find a decent 550w unit (Anything below 550w these days is either more expensive or garbage, than simply going with a good 550w model) and see what happens. I'm betting this is likely the problem and even if it does not end up being the problem, you're already four years into the use of a PSU that was poor quality when it was new and now has undoubtedly seen some of it's capability degrade as a result.

First clue on that PSU being a complete POS is the fact that it's own label shows it supports up to 30A on the 12v rail. That means it's ACTUALLY only rated for 360w and probably can't even support that. Generally when a PSU doesn't even support it's advertised capacity based on the details on it's own label, we find 100% of the time that these are the very worst of the models out there even when it's from an otherwise somewhat well known brand. All brands have garbage models, even if they have some good ones too. This is one of them. Not to mention it's a VERY old platform, having been first introduced back in 2014 and does not support many modern required power states that are used by Intel processors given that it is an old group regulated design and lacks DC-DC circuitry. That alone could cause a variety of problems under the right conditions, even if the quality itself were better, which, it's not.

Then, after you eliminate the MOST probable problem, IF you still have issues I'd look into it further but I suspect that while that is possible, it is pretty likely this is where your troubles are coming from. You can use the two links below to assist yourself with finding a unit that IS suitable, and will be of good quality. Do NOT make assumptions of quality based on brand or "watts" or "80 plus efficiency", because none of those things actually have all that much to do with whether a unit is built well and used good internal components or not.

the dump file was removed before I could look at it.
the photo would indicate a in page kernel error.
for that error I would generally check the drive connections, run crystaldiskinfo.exe on the drive and look at the drive health and firmware version. I would update the cpu chipset drivers and any custom drivers related to your drive.

you will need to turn off virtual memory and turn it back on again to delete your pagefile.sys
you might make system setting to delete the pagefile.sys on every shutdown if you can not find the cause of the pagefile corruption.


Oct 29, 2017
Sorry, i uploaded it again here : minidump
New psu will be arriving hopefully today, will post if it solves the problem.

I ran crystaldiskinfo too, everything fine. As i stated the drivers were taken care of before.
Also tried the pagefile clear option at every shutdown and played a little around with the pagefile sizes (set higher, lower, non, by system etc.) but didn't help.
BSODs are much frequent now, today we got 1 almost every hour.
to correct the bad windows file images I would install the new realtek audio driver, then turn off the windows virtual memory, then run cmd.exe as an admin then run
dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
reboot and turn on the windows virtual memory to create a new pagefile.sys after that I would try to update the intel storage driver. there was a version of the intel storage driver that would corrupt pagefile.sys over wake/sleep cycles. I do not recall the bad version dates. I would have to look it up again.

note: your bios version is f19
but when I look up your board, the last bios version listed is f14
so I might be looking at the wrong board version or your bios version might have been pulled.

if the problem is in the storage driver you might get a current version directly from intelIntel® Driver & Support Assistant
note: that sometimes the driver has to match the bios version so check your motherboard vendor first.

last bugcheck was in windows memory compression /de compression:
here is the text for the reported error:

Memory Manager detected corruption of a pagefile page while performing an in-page operation.
The data read from storage does not match the original data written.
This indicates the data was corrupted by the storage stack
here is the driver for the storage stack:
\System32\drivers\iaStorAC.sys Thu Sep 30 06:50:11 2021

the system was running for over 8 hours at the time of the bugcheck.

3 windows core files modified:
also modified:

overclock driver installed:
D:\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner\RTCore64.sys Thu Jun 18 04:55:42 2020

other driver:
D:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\Advanced SystemCare\drivers\Monitor_win10_x64.sys Mon Aug 9 23:50:05 2021

update this driver: Realtek (r) High Definition Audio Function driver (you have to install a version dated 2020 or newer)
\system32\drivers\RTKVHD64.sys Tue May 14 04:25:05 2019
2019 version corrupts system memory.
you should pick up the
version from your motherboard vendor
H310M DS2 2.0 (rev. 1.0) Support | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global

machine info:
BIOS Version F19
BIOS Release Date 11/05/2021
Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Name H310M DS2
Product H310M DS2
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