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Question BSoD restart loop on Win10

Jun 9, 2020

Few days ago I wanted to add some extra storage to my PC by adding a used laptop hard drive which had a Win10 installed on it but I had problems with it so the system needed to be reinstalled.

So I wanted to format that laptop's drive via my PC, I connected it with SATA cables and everything, turned on my PC and it started booting the system from laptop's drive, what I didn't want.
I restarted my PC and in BIOS boot menu selected the my PC's drive to boot the system from, everything was fine untill maybe an hour passed and I turned on my PC again but I got this blue screen with error saying "SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED" and it stucks there in the restart loop with blue screen error popping up every time, maybe around 10 seconds after the Windows logo appears with loading dots.

I tried everything that I could find on the internet but no matter what I try to do I got this blue screen error.
It's not RAM, it's not Motherboard, neither power supply...

I managed to load a newly installed Windows10 on a new hard drive, I am using it right now, but my old hard drive is always causing the Bue Screen Error.

So I realised that it's the my old hard drive what is causing this BSoD.

Things got more weirder when I started getting the same BSoD error when I try to boot up my newly installed system on a new hard drive with old faulty hard drive connected to motherboard, without the faulty hard drive everything works just fine.

So, is my old Hard Drive dead?
If it isn't, are there some solutions that will work for me?
I would like to save my 250 GB of data.

Thanks in advance!