[SOLVED] BSoD: Store_data_structure_corruption. Do I need new RAM?.


Mar 2, 2018

I have an old Ryzen 2600x and an Aorus B450 Pro Wifi. My current Corsair RGB Pro RAM is giving me the STORE DATA STRUCTURE CORRUPTION BSOD, which apparently is related to my RAM.

The Blue Screen happened yesterday, around that time, highlighted on that screenshot I'm sharing with you. I had another Blue Screen earlier that same day.


I ran the Windows 10 memory diagnostic tool and yes it tells me my RAM has hardware problems and I don't need to run Memtestx86, I did that last year, because the XMP profile was crashing my games and giving me the MEMORY MANAGEMENT BSoD. Memtestx86 showed errors back then. So I'm sure that if I run it now, it will show even more errors. I think my RAM is dying I just want to be sure.

So if I need new RAM, what RAM should I buy?. After doing some searching on Google I found that G.Skill is a very popular pick for Ryzen CPU's. I'm considering any of these 3.


Look, I don't know anything about timings, latency or speeds, there are videos about that on youtube but I think that explaining something complex so anyone can understand it is a talent, a talent those tech youtubers clearly don't have. Or maybe I'm just dumb. So, dumb me wants to buy RAM, install RAM, enable XMP and then me dumb person play games and do work.

Thank you.