[SOLVED] BSOD that turns the screen black when using dedicated GPU ?


May 4, 2018
CPU: r3 2200g w/ vega 8 iGPU
GPU: rx580
MOBO: gigabyte ds3h b450m
RAM: 4x4gb hyperx
PSU: coolermaster 500w

Recently my pc has been crashing a lot. My monitor turns black then I just hear a buggy sound. After believing it was my dedicated GPU I switched to the iGPU and it worked fine but then it crashes again, this time with no black screen and it is a BSOD with these errors:
Edit: now also memory_management
Edit2: also dpc_watchdog_violation
It happens when right after booting I open a quite graphichly intensive game.
I did windows memory check basic and it passed, but the extended test didn't work and it even broke the basic test.
I bought a multimeter to check the PSU voltages and I don't know if they are within tolerance levels.

Expected value -> My value
+12V -> +11.93V
+5V -> +5.03V
+3.3V -> +3.09V
-12V -> -11.07V

I think the +12 and +5 values are fine, but the +3.3 is a bit off and the -12 is off by an entire volt. Is this normal in the tolerance level? The test was obviously done under no power draw.
Of course I want to fix the problem, but if I could know just what causes the problem.
Sorry for bad english, it isn't my native language.
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coolermaster 500w
That's the brand of the PSU and it's wattage. It doesn't tell us the model of the unit. We will also need to know the age of the unit in use.

FYI, you're advised to have a reliably built PSU that can deliver at least 550W of power to the entire system, without any consideration for overclocking. If you want to overclock you're going to need a 650W unit for that build.

What BIOS version are you on for your motherboard are you on?
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