Question BSOD then no bootable device in BIOS

Dec 11, 2019
Hi there!

Here is what is happening:

I play a chill on my PC, I play a game, watch Youtube, Netflix etc and my pc randomly freezes and then BSOD pops up.
System restarts and BIOS opens. In BIOS there is no bootable device. After that I would fully shutdown the pc,turn it on again and everything would boot up as nothing happened. I have two drivers, a 120Gb SSD and 1Tb HDD.
SSD has the OS and HDD has games and apps on it. Even though SSD is not appearing in the boot menu, the HDD is displayed as working drive. Of course I knew it was the SSD causing the problem so I reinstalled windows and hoped that would fix it. It did not, so I changed the SATA cable and it still didnt fix the issue! I even changed the ports on the motherboard. I decided to put another SSD instead of the one I already have and the BSOD was still there... I put my old SSD back in and now it works. I usually get 1 or 2 BSODs in 12h of using my pc.. I honestly have no idea what is the problem.. Any suggestions?

Here are my specs:
GPU: GTX 1070ti
CPU: Intel I7 9700k
MB: Asus Prime Z390-A
RAM: Trident Z RGB 3600MHz
PSU: Raidmax RX-735AP

SSD: Patriot Burst 120Gb
Jul 28, 2020
Double check your SSD is OK. Boot to another drive (like a USB) and read the SMART values to see if the SSD is dead/corrupted.