Question BSOD, unable to stop loop


Jul 31, 2017
I've rebuilt my PC (which had a boot drive previously) after I had to leave it in a previous country after I moved. I brought back the gpu, cpu, ssd, and ram recently. Before this I had the BSoD... Driver IRQL not less or equal.
I can get to the Bios but obviously nothing else.

I have a USB with the fills for Windows 10 install on but even with setting the Bios to boot from the USB I'm still getting the same (my plan was essentially to wipe my ssd and start from scratch), I've repositioned the RAM to see if there's an issue and I'm truthfully out of ideas that don't just involve me buying new RAM and a new ssd.
I'm also currently extremely ill which is not helping my patience for this, as I needed this to keep me going.

Motherboard: X570S Aorus Master
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 3200 (2x16GB)
SSD: intel ssdpeknw010t8x1 600p
GPU: Msi Radeon RX 5700 Evoke OC
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Nine Layer Nige

Suggest you remove all uneccesary devices, recreate the Windows install USB in case its corrupted.
As a test, could you create a Linux Mint USB stick using Rufus, then boot onto the stick and see if the pc will run Mint as it runs directly on the stick so you dont need to install it.
If that works, you could install Mint from the Install icon on the desktop and see if Mint is stable.
It could then point to a dodgey Windows install usb stick.