Question BSOD "Unexpected store exception", failing drive?

Nov 18, 2020
Basically, in 3-5 hours of PC being on, in an idle or busy state, my PC just freezes, and then after one minute BSOD. This happened a few times now with the most common error message "Unexpected store exception". After BSOD PC restarts and tells to insert a bootable drive. Even if I restart, it won't find my drive. Only after I completely power off my pc with PSU off, I can boot normally. I also tried to disconnect direct power and SATA to drive and power it on and it would resume to work. This is a fresh windows 10 system, crystaldiskinfo shows Good 100%. This is bumming me, but I suspect the drive.

Drive: SSD ADATA SU650

I also had a second drive (HDD) hooked to my system which I thought was the cause, but after disconnecting it seems that it's my OS drive. After BSOD with both drives on my system, I would get a message to insert a valid OS drive, which I think means it detects the HDD, but not the OS SSD.