Question BSOD when GPU is under load on my laptop ?

Aug 28, 2021
I am encountering BSOD with various error codes when gaming or the GPU is under load, these 4 error codes are more common:
Critical Process Died, Kernel Data Inpage Error, System Service Exception, Unexpected Store Exception
I figured out that it occurs only when the GPU is under heavy load. While running Furmark it crashed within 2 minutes with BSOD.
I first encountered the error while playing R6S but later I saw that it crashed in every other game I tried. I did the following things to find and fix the issue:

  1. I tested the ram using memtest64 and Windows memory Diagnostics and both didn't show any memory errors.
  2. Used CrystalDiskInfo to check the drives health and turns out all the drives are Good.
  3. Used DDU to uninstall the GPU Drivers and reinstalled it.
  4. Updated Windows and all the drivers.
  5. When nothing worked I did a total system reset and did a clean installation of windows.
  6. Updated the BIOS.
  7. Used Whocrashed to analyze memory dumps but it says the memory dump is corrupted.
Laptop Information:

Acer Predator Helios 300
i7 9750H
RTX 2060
16 GB DDR4 2666 Mhz RAM

The laptop worked fine for 1.5 years

I am super frustrated and no one seems to have a solution. I am suspecting a hardware failure mainly GPU but why did it fail after 1.5 years of fine service? I am kinda lost and don't know what to do.

Thanks in advance
Oct 26, 2021
We have the same device, and I'm experiencing the same issues. The same error codes every time I get a BSOD. I get it after 5 to 10 minutes of playtime. I've recently been playing Genshin Impact and these errors always pop up without fail. I've done basically everything you have listed, save for checking the memory dump because for some reason, my device won't create them after crashing. Have you managed to fix this problem on your end? Would love some guidance.


What might have changed since all was well?
Perhaps a less than optimal software update has been installed.
You could try using system restore to reset back to when all was well.

I see many complaints about gaming laptops not performing well.
Usually gaming while plugged in.

How is your cooling?
Are the airways free and clear?
Are the fans running?