Question Bsod while gaming

Aug 25, 2019
hi so um i was having some random bsod on win7 and i decided to update on win 10 , that made things kinda worse i can say ,
every time i try to play league of legends i will get a bsod 10-20 minutes into the game and for now i have noticed that i get 2 different bsod
one is memory management and the other is irql not less or equal , also i got one bsod when i exit overwatch like a month ago , and i also got this type of bsod once : system service exception while my pc was updating , i have my gpu drivers updated , now i get only bsod on league and not in any other game like fortnite which is way more demanding in term of specs ,
i have done the ram diagnostic , i got no problem and my gpu driver is updated , someone help me please!

PC Tailor

Can you see the guide linked in my signature regarding BSOD posts so that you can enable minidumps and then post a link to the dump files here?

IRQL are typically driver based. As can memory management.

In the meantime, what is your full system spec including PSU make and model?