Question Bsod while setting up windows 10

Sep 4, 2020
I recently upgraded my cpu from a 1600 to a 3600 and since my boot time has been acting up. To make the switch I also had to update bios. On some days my boot time could be as long as 4 hours or as little as 10 mins. Someone I know who is good at computers said I should run a clean install of windows 10 and see if it changes anything. I am now halfway through installing it and my pc keeps BSOD with the error msg bad system config info and kicks me into bios. My bios shows that I have no ram installed when I clearly do but when I go to pull the ram out and put it back in bios changes it to say I have ram then I blue screen and I have no ram again.

btw to install my cpu fan I had to take my motherboard out and unplug something so maybe I accidentally did something. Any feedback is greatly appreciated thanks!

pc specs:
Gpu: rtx 2060
Cpu: ryzen 5 3600
Ram: Corsair vengeance 2x16 gb 3200mhz
Mb: ab350m
Psu: some Corsair mustard and ketchup wires with 650w
Nvme: idk the brand but it’s 1tb
Hdd: idk the brand but it’s 2tb
Ps: mb, hdd and psu are all 4+ years old


Is your CPU identified in the BIOS correctly? mainboard BIOS relatively recent?

Might consider getting the latest WIn10 iso onto a (known good or different USB flash drive) from MS...

Pull power from PSU, remove BIOS battery, clear/reset CMOS, be patient at first power on, sometimes it might cycle 3-5 times before it picks everything up!

Try more conservative RAM speeds (2133 MHz if needed just to test for stability), not every RYzen works out of the box at rated SPD speeds... (DRop to one RAM stick as an alternative in testing) If need be, carefully check for bent pins on CPU....

Disconnect unneeded hard drives for now, and prepare to flatten the old install....



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