Question BSOD with distorted text ever since i bought a new 5700xt.


Jan 15, 2017
Ever since installing my MSI 5700XT MECH OC, I've gotten weird BSOD issues while browsing or gaming. The BSOD text is unreadable, with choppy lines and distorted text. In event viewer, it says "Buhcheck error code 0x00000116"

My setup:
Seasonic 750w psu (brand new)
I 8700k, no overclock
Asus maximus x hero
MSI 5700xt mech OC, stock settings
Hyper 212

What I've tried:
  • Full driver Uninstall with DDU in safe mode
  • full pc reset/wiped hard drive and windows reinstall
  • bought new Psu (needed a new one anyway) 750w seasonic
  • tested my card in friend's pc, no issues
  • tested friends card in my PC, no issues
  • turned off fast startup
  • reset bios settings
  • flashed new bios
-checked temps, all are within normal ranges.

I find it odd that the card works in other pc's and not mine, and other cards work in my PC. I thought I might have been putting it in the wrong PCI slot but I'm not. Also I double checked all power and Sata connections and no problems there.