BSOD with multiple different error codes. Can’t post to windows


Mar 14, 2014
So just today I upgraded to a new gpu (1060 6gb to a 1070). Everything was okay for a few hours, until my PC blue screened. Figured the GPU was defective, so I put my 1060 back in, but the pc still won’t post to windows. The problem is it’s giving me a ton of different error codes. Such as:
And at one point it said I was missing a file in the System32 folder

I’ve tried both gpus, integrated graphics, using only 1 stick of ram in different slots, and resetting CMOS. I’ve even tried making a windows iso for a fresh install but it won’t even boot to that. I have no idea what’s wrong. Rest of my specs are:

Intel i5 8400 CPU
MSI Z370 SLI Plus mobo
16gb Geil ddr4 @ 3000mhz RAM
Evga GQ750 80+ Gold PSU
Samsung 840 Evo 120gb SSD
3TB Seagate Baracuda HDD

Thank you in advance for the help.
The Crypto error has been discussed here.
The ACPI error is in reference to PCI and this could be an issue with your version of BIOS not wanting to work right with your CPU communicating to the GPU.
This too has been discussed here.

All in all I would recommend saving important files on your PC to a backup solution then shutting down and making sure that the RAM, CPU and GPU are all plugged in right by removing them and putting them back in. You will need thermal paste/grease for your CPU though.

After this you should update your BIOS to the latest version after doing the CMOS reset.

Then install a fresh copy of windows and update then install latest drivers for everything. After this use MEMTEST to test the RAM and run AIDA64 with only the CPU stress option enabled (do not run any other option especially the FPU stress)

If everything checks out you can then run Unigine benchmarks for an hour to see if there is an issue involving the PCI connections as the ACPI error implies. If this all then checks out you are good to go. However, if something fails then you'll know where to look for the culprit because the test are exclusive to a specific component.


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