Question Bsods and freezes that need force restart on a new rig


May 18, 2016
Hello everyone, i have just built my rig out of new components, that is:
Biostar b350et2 mobo
Ryzen 3 1200 cpu
TeamGroup elite 2666mhz DDR4 4GB Ram
Tx550m corsair psu
And the only old thing i am using is my 500gb Hdd

I have installed a fresh copy of windows 10 just as i powered this rig on for first time.
The problem is that i am getting Watchdog_timeout BSODs few minutes into using the computer or it just freezes with no black screen or bsod at all.

I have reinstalled gpu drivers, downloaded official drivers from my mobo manufacturer, reseated cmos battery, updated bios..all to no awail...

At this moment i am testing my ram with memoryTest64 and my pc froze just when i started the test. So the test stuck at "0 seconds elapsed" then it suddenly changed to "3 minutes elapsed" and got stuck again, after that it changed to "9 minutes have elapsed". Long story short, my pc can freeze and unfreeze after few minutes or freeze so bad that i have to force restart it.

Also,i have noticed my mobo supports only 2337 mhz ram and my ram are 2666, maybe thats a problem? I have tried everything up to this point

P.S as iam writing this the memory test is still going and my pc froze for like 6 times. The test timer was at 14 minutes and i finally got control of my pc when the timer unfroze to say 22 minutes have passed :/