Buddy Panel

Instead of being able to delete a buddy on almost every screen (which clutters the place up really badly) why not change the PM link to "Control Panel" (or something) and in there have links to PM's, Profile, and an all new Buddy control panel. From the Buddy control panel you could (for example):

Add / Delete buddies
Send PM's / View PM's from that buddy
Send global PM's not your buddies

It's an idea...de clutters the place, and makes the User Interface a lot better IMO. Think about it. Comment on it. Don't drink and drive.


One reply? Common, if you don't want / like the idea say so. If you do, say so. If you're indifferent, say so.

Ned, I wish you would stop being so insistent ... demanding ... almosts guarantees that I won't offer up a comment. I don't like being bullied. Or even the appearance that I'm somehow obligated to render up a comment.

btw, I don't have time to read every thread, every post, every suggestion ... :?


Nov 6, 2005
We already have a 'control panel' which shows up on the left in the PM panel. They only thing it is missing is add/delete, which is really something you don't want to do via typing a name, but by picking the names from either pm or from threads, or from profile....