Budget EVGA B3 PSU Line Will Compete With Corsair's CX Family

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Dec 10, 2014
Considering that Corsair PSU are rebranded Seasonic I would go with a Corsair over EVGA every time. That is if I ever went with something other then a Seasonic to begin with.


EVGA's new B3 line will be the successor of the B2, and currently it's positioned between the GQ (FSP OEM) and BQ (HEC and Andyson OEMs) lines. The platform, which all B3 units use, was designed by Super Flower, although we can't know for sure in which factory those PSUs will be actually made--it could be SF's own factory, or somewhere else (eg, RSY). The efficiency is 80 PLUS Bronze for all B3 models.
Wait....WHAT??? Man... HEC and Anydson is behind the BQ model? Uh, I certainly hope it isn't built to their normal quality and design.

Not all Corsairs are re-branded Seasonics. After all Seasonic wouldn't have designed and built the old "Builder Series" PSUs that can be so problematic after the expiration of their 3 year warranty. (Thankfully the newer CXM units are NOT of the same cloth.)


Well they need to be reviewed and tested. If they show considerable reliability at the advertised price point, I'm on board otherwise I'm not going for something that's in line with a CX unit.


Feb 23, 2016
@SVSTORM that's completely untrue. Actual CX series and the majority of the Corsair PSU lineup is made by Channel Well Technology (CWT). SeaSonic has some mediocre models like the S12II series which will (happily) be replaced this year with the new CORE and CORE+. The manufacturer is one of the poorest and less important factors choosing a good Power Supply. We will have to wait until we see the review of the magnific professional Aris.

This is not the case for a a majority of Corsair PSU's. Most of the Corsair PSU's are now made by Channel Well these days.


Mar 18, 2014

I couldn't disagree with this more. The OEM is the first thing you should research about a PSU. It's the most reliable indicator of quality or lack thereof. For instance, take EVGA's lineup. Their G2 series are all made by Super Flower, and as such they are some of the best PSUs on the market right now. The rest of EVGA's lineup? Not Super Flower, and pretty rubbish. Basically, 99% of the time, Good OEM = Good PSU. Simple as that.

I see your point but PSU OEM's make stuff for other companies based on there requirements. A good vendor can and has made pretty lousy PSU's. You will see this in some pre-buildt PC's but the PC vendor knows they are going to pull say 250 watts max from said PSU so they spec out the cheapest parts they can for the PSU maker.

With that said I only go off testing from people who know what they are doing.

If there is anything anyone should take away is read tests of a PSU before you spend your money on it and make sure its really tested properly. Read a review of a PSU on TomsHardware, JohnyGuru or HardOCP to see the level of testing to expect.

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