Budget Gaming Headset


Dec 10, 2012
I'm looking for a new headset and would like some opinions on the matter. I have a decent dedicated sound card, but don't mind buying a USB interface headset. Brand does not matter to me very much, but would prefer the colour scheme to be black or blue. I do heavy gaming and listen to lots of music. I need a headset with a microphone. <$150 is optimal.

I've been looking at the Steelseries Siberia v2, but unsure if there are other, better options.


Dec 15, 2012
There are some other options, for the price corsair headsets (the 1500 especially) have probably the best sound, although they are slightly too tight and become uncomfortable after a while, they use a usb connection with their own sound card.

On the other hand, the razer cacharias (which uses 3.5mm jacks) and razer megalodon can be found for sub $150 dollars and while their sound is not as good (although the megalodon, with its own usb card is not too far off), they are without doubt the most comfortable headsets on the market.
the razer headset does give good sound but are seriously fragile. a clan mate had a pair and then fell from his desk on to a carpeted floor. a little bit of plastic flew off and when he picked the headset up the whole left ear cup came off. it was a teeny little bit of plastic about 5 mm long with a small plastic ball cap fitting.
its rediculouse they make a great sounding headset for a reasonable price only to have it fail a basic drop test. stay well clear...
if you want good sound on a budget look into stenhiesers.



Dec 11, 2012
I used the turtle beachs x12 for my pc, they run fine and havent had any issues :)

They ran me $60, ive dropped them stepped on them and yanked the coords out of the headset side of them and then run like champions.