Question Budget Keyboard Recommendations for Gaming ?


Jun 13, 2019

Been using Razer Deathstalker Keyboard for over 4years and was in love with it and fine till recently where i started to notice the Shift & Control Keyremains pressed down at times :(

Therefore i started looking around for a new Keyboard but got lost with all these different key switches on the Mechanical Keyboards.

Primary Use: Gaming (Call of Duty (FPS), League of Legends (MOBA), New World (MMORPG) , Genshin Impact & Civ 6
Budget: Didn't know Keyboard prices has soared up in prices over the years but looking for one around $100-150 AUD. (Cheaper the better)
Membrane/Mechanical: I was searching for a Membrane keyboard as they are more quiet but happy to use a mechanical keyboard that isn't noisy.
Wrist rest: if possible yes please
Tenkey less: NO. I would like the keyboard the have the 10key num pad.

If there is any good keyboards that meets my picky demands would love to know.
The only one i have been able to find so far is 'Roccat Magma Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard' But that is because i haven't really been searching through the confusing Mechanical ones.
Thank you in Advance.