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Jun 17, 2021
Hi, guys!

I want to buy a new laptop, a budget one, and I don't know what to choose. I've found 3 laptops:

1. Asus Rog Strix G15 G513IE - R7 4800H, 8GB RAM, 512 M.2 SSD, RTX 3050 Ti -"+FHD++AMD+Ryzen+7+4800H+8GB+512GB+SSD+nVidia+GeForce+RTX+3050+Ti+4GB+No+OS+Eclipse+Gray

2. Asus Tuf Gaming F15 FX506HE - I5 11400H, 16GB RAM, 512 M.2 SSD, RTX 3050 Ti -

3. Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH6 - I5 10500H, 8GB RAM, 512 M.2 SSD, RTX 3050 Ti -

If you have any other suggestion, please tell me. I don't care about the RGB. :))

Also, I already have 2 sticks of RAM to upgrade the ones with only one stick, 2x8GB, from my older laptop (they're compatible, I've looked). I'm looking for something with decent performance and temps. Gonna use it mainly for gaming.

The RTX 3060 laptops are way above my budget, so I'll stick to 3050 Ti.

Thanks! :)
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Hey there,

I'd prob go with the Strix. The R4800 cpu is really strong and runs cooler than the Intel CPUs. The 4800 is 8 core 16 threads, and the Intel's are 6c/12t.

The faster screen (165hz) is a bit misleading in terms of marketing. The GPU chosen will not get near 165hz at 1080p in most games, and nor will they reach 144hz. So the screen wouldn't bother me much. I'd still lean towards the Strix.