[SOLVED] Budget motherboard based on specification i7-6700k

Feb 7, 2019
Hi guys,
I've read quite a few of the threads here regarding the best motherboard for the i7-6700k. However, I still haven't been able to choose one.

I am looking to spend under £100 but can be a bit lenient if needed.
My specs are:
i7 6700k
Cryorig H7
Samsung Evo 850 120GB (may upgrade to 500GB SSD)
HDD 1TB (irrelevant really, may upgrade in future to 3TB)
2x Gigabyte GTX 770 4GB OC. (I need these two to run in SLI but have no past experience with it, I don't know how different motherboards vary depending on SLI).
Corsair Dominator 3000MHz (4x4GB) RAM
Thermaltake 750W modular PSU
My case is the Zalman Z11 with the transparent side panel cutout.

I managed to get the PC working with an Asus Z170-A lent to me by a friend, but I cannot use it forever and I need to buy one. My goal is to overclock the CPU to around 4.5GHz and run the 2 GPUs in SLI. Ideally, a motherboard with easy overclock software will be great.

Please provide your solutions - I am not after having many USBs, not interested in running more than 2 GPUs and not going to be changing RAM with anything else.
For diagnostic reasons, I've found it quite useful to have a DVI port (or VGA or DisplayPort or HDMI) on the motherboard itself so that a GPU isn't necessarily required to test it.

Apologies for the long post,

Please find the parts picker list for my build.

(The GPUs fit despite the website saying they don't)