Build Advice Budget Opteron Server

Nov 13, 2020
Hey, I'm looking at building a server for a project, it'll be a super cheap one, just as a school project. Therefore my budget is kinda limited to £250/$300.
I have a couple of options with this, although this is using very old hardware (2010 AMD Opteron) CPUs. I've come up with one part list which is of course not final, as well as my school providing the Hard Drives.

I know this is sketchy AF, but I have found a motherboard that uses the G34 Socket (JingSha X89L), which only has 2 RAM slots (so I'll just go 2x8gb, or 2x16 if I can find some cheap+good compatible stuff, it's all DDR3.

Now my main concern is the CPU cooler. I've looked around a bit, and I've found some mods that can convert a Hyper 212 Evo to G34, or a noctua G34 cooler (which for the life of me I cannot find anywhere in the UK). I doubt a system like this would use passive cooling, so I may have to go with some old industrial cooler, mod an AM4 type cooler to work with it.

The part list so far is:

What would you change? And is it better to just get server parts and use that?