Question Budget PC Build

Oct 30, 2021
Hello! I am looking to build a budget PC for the first time in a decade. I am looking to spend about $100 on my CPU and it needs integrated graphics. Budget motherboard and everything else.

I will be using this to store my photos and videos and web browsing etc. No Gaming.

Can someone recommend me a good CPU and motherboard to start with ? I can fill in the rest from there....just seems to be sooooo many choices. I am fine with either AMD or Intel and I do not need to run windows 11.

I appreciate any guidance you can offer!


Hey there,

What is your overall budget? Choosing only a CPU either from Intel or AMD will not help that much, without considering what would help that CPU to perform at it's best for you.

Currently AMD offer the best performance with it's APU's (integrated graphics) with it's 5600g/5700g .

Often the CPU level you choose can have an impact on the motherboard you choose. So knowing where you are with that might sway recommendations.

You could go for slightly older gen, like a Ryzen 3400g. Intel chips apart from Tiger Lake Xe graphics, are generally not that good, although sufficient for photo/video browsing use. So Ryzen may be the best option.
Oct 30, 2021
I guess I would like an inexpensive $50 motherboard if possible. Trying to keep overall system down. What is minimum ram these days 16gb?


I have built several desktop pc's using the i3-10100 processor with 8 threads.
It is quick I highly recommend it.
Unfortunately, the word is out and it costs more than the $100 it used to.
More in the $150 range now.
At $100 or so, you can buy a G6405 with similar performance, but only 4 threads.

Either of them will run on any lga1200 motherboard.
You can find many under $100.
If you need wifi, many come with wiif, but adapters are cheap.
Look at the MATX ones which are cheaper.
Here is an example:

Your key to a snappy desktop is to use a ssd for your C drive.