Budget PC - Is this gaming rig ok?

disagree........... the "extra" ram has nothing to do with how many fps you'd be getting at that res, but help make it so there's no stuttering or hitching because there's no where for the textures to go but off the ram on the video card to the cpu/system ram/ hd cache.......... pick one. when the information stays on the card you get smoother game play.


Jul 14, 2012
ok so going with the 2gb vram and (2x4gb) ram as a pair, I wont be overclocking straight away so will i need a aftermarket cpu cooler or not? Other than that do you think the system is good enough to run cs:go well?
it should be okay for a while. the cpu cooler............... if the one in the box has some copper in touch with the cpu I would use that one until ready to over clock. if it's just a lump of aluminum with a fan on it I would get a better one right away.
Sep 15, 2012

Disagree too
If you run the game at a super high resolution above 1080p then yes, it would help... some extra vram.
But for the most part VRAM helps with:
1. Very high resolutions (above 1080p)
2. Extremely large textures not seen in most games.
VRAM will be directly proportional to the required screen resolution and texture size.(you can experience some FPS drops)
Thats is why I said NEGLIGIBLE(inappreciable, insignificant,imperceptible) performance diference under 1080P res, however 2GB will help on higher resolutions, cause VRAM consumption increases at higher resolutions and with higher textures.