[SOLVED] Budget photo editing CPU/GPU

Jan 18, 2020
Hi guys,
My friend needs budged PC for semi-profi photo editing. Primary photoshop / lightroom, some office stuff and extraordinary video editing (really extra, so I am not focused at in this build) around 500$. Im pretty sure about fast SSD, RAMS, PSU, etc...but i need your advice for CPU/GPU combo,because im not sure about its usage in LR. I read about low GPU usage in PS and LR and my GTX980 was really idle during processing, but need u to confirm it (i could miss HW acceleration or something like that )
I thought about ryzen 2400G/3400G as no brainer, but i dont wanna see slow processing because of exhaused GPU :)
next option was ryzen 1600 and cheap GPU (second hand GTX 1050 or my old quattro K2000), but it may be out of budget and with no / low warranity.
It'all for full HD with casual colors, no more bits needed.
So, what are your experiences and advises? Thanks for your responses!

Subquestion: can i notice speed differences between ryzen 1600 and 2400g in photo editing?
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