Budget Photo Editing PC $400


Jul 26, 2009
Recommendations please.

Budget $400
Use: Photo editing, photoshop
My monitor is an hp LP2065 1600x1200 with HDMI adapter
Parts I will reuse and not needed: monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, OS

I am NOT into gaming. My primary interest is photo editing with photoshop. The largest files I generally use are Tiff format up to 120 mb. Also general use such as web surfing, burning DVDs, word processing.

My favorite vendors are newegg and tiger direct

Your time and recommendations are appreciated.



Mar 5, 2009
120mb tiffs on a $400 machine is a stretch. i work with large photos quite a bit on a far more expensive machine and still get a little slow down. i would recommend waiting a little while longer, and bumping up your budget


Jun 28, 2009

I wouldn't touch that at all. Most of the compenents used in these eBay-cheapo rigs burn out after a month of use.

Since you do photo editing I'd suggest you put the Video Card and CPU on the top of your list. Also make sure you get a GOOD ['insert good brand name such as corsair or antec'] PSU. 400w would be more than suffice.

I'd also suggest you salvage some components from your other computer such as the case and dvd burner if they are in working order to save cash. Although stretching your budget a little would make a massive difference in what pc you get in the end.


Those are quality parts in daship's build, but I know as a former desktop publisher that you do indeed need a strong rig for large files.

You'll get what you pay for, and at 400 bucks you aren't going to get top performance.
I like Proximon's build except for the CPU. For the OP's intended purposes, get a 720BE. If the budget can't stretch enough, then please take mdale13's advice and wait until it will, ALTHOUGH, a CPU replacement could be a simple upgrade later, and you would have wasted most of the price of the initial weak one (presumably you'd sell it and get something back).
Actually, the integrated graphics on the 760G board may be enough that you can skip the GPU for now, and put the money into the CPU. The $51 you'd save there plus the $5 under your driver's seat will buy the faster CPU.


...but this surprises me. Were we looking at the same link? That CPU is a cripple:
http://www.anandtech.com/bench/default.aspx?p=96&p2=101 ; slightly faster e1500 vs slightly faster Regor 250, you get the idea... a generic PSU that comes with the case, and the Intel Graphics Media Decelerator which can't touch the HD3000 on the AMD board; this would be a toad for photoshop. Stretch your budget to Proximon's build minus the GPU and with a stronger CPU like the 720BE.


Jun 28, 2009

My thoughts exactly. Don't touch that PC unless your photo editing includes MS paint...
Ok let me rephrase it a bit :)

For a pre-built under $400 that is being made for a profit, it is higher quality than most.

But ya, you need to spend another 100 bucks or so and get a quad. An E8200 or an X4 920.

Combo deals are a wonderful thing

PhenomII x4 945 and an Foxconn 780G motherboard $184

2x2 GB of DDR2 1066 RAM $48

Case/power supply/ 320GB hard drive combo deal - Antec/WD $130

Samsung burner $27

$388 and then $10 shipping to me.

Just remember that combo deals are transitory and can end at any time.