Jan 28, 2013
I am constructing a first-time-build and I have all of my components inventoried except for the graphic(s) card. I am looking for a budgeted item, preferably around $100 for a card(s), that will suffice for four monitors. I will be doing very light gaming, but only on one monitor. The other monitors are used for work related tasks that have low graphics requirements.
FYI - I will only use two monitors to start, but eventually upgrade to four monitors in 6 months or so. Thanks for the help.


Jun 6, 2012

A card that can run 4 simultaneous monitors would be the 650 Ti its not a 100$ as I dont know much cards that can do that for that price point, the only down size is that 2 have to be DVI, 1 has to be HDMI and another has to be VGA, you could use adapters for these if needed. Here's a link to that:


I suggest you buy a graphics card that will do the job for gaming.
You can attach your second monitor to it without any performance issues.

When it comes time that you want to add two more side monitors, just buy a second inexpensive graphics card. It should cost only $30.
If you do not have a second pci-e x16 slot, there are cards that will use a pci or pcie-X1 slot.