Budget Starcraft II Build for Christmas (Need Recommendations)

rm - ottawa

May 7, 2011
Hi all,

I need to build a starcraft II computer for Christmas, and would love some recommendations to save some money and make a budget of $500. In thise case, I fortunately already happen to have in my hands a good gpu to start with (AMD 6970) and a monitor. The computer will also be used for skype/chatting web surfing and perhaps streaming videos/playing movies.

I have some local Canada Computer stores here in Ottawa, Ontario, as well as futureshops and bestbuys. The user of this computer is also a futureshop employee, so will be able to get discounts on select item(s) such as the power supply.

I will need to buy:

1- CPU
3- Case
4- RAM
5- Hard drive (and a SSD if budget permits)
6- Power supply (likely discount one at futureshop)

I am looking for recommendations for the cpu/mobo mostly and possibly the case, as they will require the most expertise. I was thinking an i5 2500 for the cpu and an adequate relevant mobo.

Will probably going to get any basic 4GB of ram, ( 2 x 2 gb ?? ) and a standard 1TB hard drive with maybe a small 64gig ssd if budget permits (undecided).

I will go with the stock cpu cooler and hopefully the stock case fans will provide sufficient air flow. This rig will not be run that hard.

What do you guys think? Looking forward to building this little guy asap :D What prices am I looking at?

I would recommend 8GB of RAM first of all. And I would go with a 128GB SSD over a 64, because you will find that 64 is pretty small.

The ONE thing you do not want to skimp on is the power supply. The power supply is the one thing that supplies all of the power to the system. That being said, lower end models do not put out the proclaimed power or have the proper certifications that ensure protection of your components in case of failure.

If the futureshop has any good units, I would highly recommend a nice quality unit, something like an Antec, Seasonic, or some Corsair. Also XFX.