Build Advice Budget/Used CPU+GPU suggestion for Android Studio ?


May 1, 2017
Hi there.

I have an AMD Phenom II X6 CPU with an on board GPU! Not a gamer. Had been no complaints. Till..

I went in for app development. I installed Android Studio IDE. Wait ages tor the emulator starts. After a short search, I figured out that not only my CPU is pretty weak for the task, it doesn't have a crucial instruction set for AS emulator: SSSE3 (Intel CPUs have that for years)..This was the first time my AMD let me down. Genymotion not worked either.:(

I googled for recommended system requirements: Intel Core i5-8400 3.0 GHz or better (6th or 7th i7's are fine too). I checked their PassMark scores, it was around 9000. So I thought if I buy a Ryzen 5 2600 or 1600AF will be enough, cause their scores was around 13000. But the more I read forums the more I confused. Some guys were talking about they were waiting Android 11/12 images to be opened at least 5 mins on i7 12th gen CPUs, compiling takes couple minutes while it takes 20-30 seconds on a Mac. Some guys saying they're fine with FX-8350 with lots of RAM???

I'm now more inclined to get a Ryzen 5 4600G with a B450 MoBo (for future CPU updates)..Will it be enough or should I get a 5600G or get a Ryzen X type CPU (I presume they are better for compiling?) with a GPU like GT1030 or GT750Ti? Then I have to change my PSU which I don't prefer because of my tight budget.

Any recommendations are appreciated, especially from Android Studio users. Thanks from now.

Edit: AMD APU's don't have a PCIe 4.0 controller. Will I regret in couple years if I don't buy PCIe 4.0 supported CPU & MoBo?
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