Budget virtualization set

Oct 1, 2018
my problem is I'd like to build a set from micro ATX motherboard and Intel proccessor, mainly for the virtualization purpose. Currently I own the Asrock Q1900-ITX but it's quite old already, doesn't support full virtualization (VT-x VT-d) and it has troubles running the ESXi 6.5 etc. I runned on it just the DSM and it was okay.

My goal is that on the set there's going to work 24/7 1 VM with DSM from Synology. Therefore the load is not going to be very high.
But additionally I'd like to have the possibility of running another 4 or 5 VMs with Windows Server or similar and 2/3GBs of RAM for educational reasons.

The most important condition is, that with the low load (for ex. to 15%) I'd like to have this set be cooled passively or almst pasively. That because it is going to work in my room as the NAS. Eventually a very silent fan with minimum RPM is also possible as the power supply has one so it's not completely silent anyway.

So beside the NAS task the set needs to have enough power to power up more VMs at any time.

My budget is aprox. 270$ to spend on CPU, MB and RAM (8 GBs at the begginning). Used stuff welcomed.

I did some research before but there are lots of CPU models and I dunno which would be suitable the most.

There is for ex. i5-6500T with TDP 35W costing 130$ and MB ASUS H110I PLUS for 55$. But maybe better option exist? Just to mention, my case is Cooler Master Elite 130 which supports coolers up to ~65mm height.

Thanks in advance :)


Mar 16, 2013
You're looking at the wrong requirements first.

"cooled passively or almst pasively"
"Cooler Master Elite 130 which supports coolers up to ~65mm height"

For VM's, you need to be able to dedicate at least 4GB RAM per. If a server OS, 8GB. And then at least 4GB for the host.
So for 4-5 VM...you'll need a minimum of 32GB.

Why does it need to be "silent"? Just move this to somewhere not next to your ears.
Oct 1, 2018
Hey guys, thanks for your answer. I really don't need the datacenter grade environment. I was okay with my current set and just need to upgrade it a little. I'm not going to run any business on it, just for playing on my own.

I said "8 gigs at the beginning". That will suit for DSM and 1 or 2 VMs. If I need more VMs, I'll add more RAM in the future.

I just need to select best possible CPU & MB in my price range and eventually a good enought but still passive / silent cooler. Not sure if I should stick to DDR3 and older Intel generations or better go straight to DDR4, which is a lot more expensive..

I know my requirements and I'm an aware user. Just the list of all CPUs is a bit overwhelming and dunno what to choose.

So anyone? :(