Budget Workstation help and Kirby <(*o*)>


Dec 27, 2012
Hey I am a art student and am building a budget workstation for work and play! My crappy hp laptop needs to go but I am having trouble choosing componets. Below you'll
find a list of software I use and many questions thanks for reading and any advice you can give :D !

school-use mostly adobe cs6 photoshop,illustrater, and indesign but I use maya, sketch book, and premire pro as well

Home- cryengine and unity and a bit of gaming AoE and LoL more then anything else( don't worry I don't want this build to max BF3 )

school programs are the prioity but if I can game and develop a little I wont complain

well any money I can save i will but i have been working extra hours and have $500 bucks saved up hopefully in a week or two ill have closer to $750 to spend


CPU- maya and most software is cpu heavy so I want to spend the most here but I cant decide between a i5 3570k or a amd 8520 I know the intel is
faster in single threaded apps and a bit better all around but if I can oc that amd and save some money i will, a i7 just seems to expensive

Ram- if I get 8gbs of corsair 1600 ddr3 instead of 16 will I feel a huge difference ?

Mobo- no questions here I got this one :D

GPU- O boy here we go.....im thinking a 560ti or a amd 7570/7580 so the amd's are a little cheaper have more vray and open gl but no cuda and are a little bit slower
in general some people say that cuda is getting out of date and its better to get a amd but other people say that amd's have crazy drive problems and to be
honest im not sure if i really need a big GPU for a lot of my apps i know adobe cs6 supports cuda and open gl some.........geez idk haha

storage- a 64gb ssd is enough room for windows 7 and a few programs right?

psu- the amd's get hungry when you oc but should I be worried about getting a bigger psu then i was planning on, i figured a 650 would be enough

Im no expert so sorry if I sound nooby XD