Buget gaming rig using a 47' tv as a monitor question


Mar 26, 2009

Size of the screen doesn't affect performance, resolution does.

Running 1360x768 on a 22" will give you the same performance as on a 42". Also, playing on a big screen you want high res (1920x1080) otherwise everything tuns in to minecraft graphics.
you do know that that build is so gfx heavy it will bottleneck badly on any game that requires 2 full threads and crump on a game like bf3
its totally unbalanced... spend a little more money on the cppu and get a 2400. it wont need overclocking and will slip right in as a replacement. not only that it will balance your pc enabling you to play any game you choose not just starcraft 2

the only reason that build gives acceptable numbers is because the screen is so small the cpu is struggling to keep up when they get to 1080 but compare it to a quad core and it gets murdered on the same settings @1080p also th builder was playing single player which works well enough on a dual. multiplayer doesnt. it will crumple the fps badly on most maps.


Completely agree. The few dollars for the Pentium is more than worth it. Does that $600 include OS? If not that extra $100 could really spruce up a few items from the $500 build.