Build a gaming pc now or wait

Apr 19, 2018
I am building my first gaming PC and my goal is 60fps @1080p that's why I'm going for a i5 8600k, gtx 1060 and 8gb of ram but I've been told that this is the worst time to build because of these reasons:
First, the GPU/ram prices are outrageous currently.
Secondly, it's been a lot of time since the last nvidia GPU line up and i'm afraid if the next line up gets released just after I buy the 1060.
Finally, the coffee lake mother boards are pretty expensive and I heard that cheap ones will be released soon.
I also read that there is no good time to build a gaming PC and you always think if you wait you can get a better deal it's not always the case...
This is why i'm asking for advice about whether I should build now or wait.

The cheaper mobos are out now. GPU prices might settle down slowly but ram prices won't. New graphics cards are still not announced and not much leaks have surfaced. So it's upto you. Technology keeps getting better that its hard to remain up-to-date, stuff released now get obsolete in the next few months, that's the world of tech.
I recently heard a credible source stating that Nvidia's first two series Founder's Edition Volta GPUs of the xx80 and xx70 GPUs will be released in July followed by aftermarket AIB board partner releases (EVGA, ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, etc.). Based on history, Nvidia always releases their 80-series first followed up by 70-series soon after and then 60-series a month later. So if you are looking for a GTX 1160 or 2060 (whatever nomenclature Nvidia will name the new Volta line) you're looking at likely an early fall to get an AIB variant like a factory overclocked version from ASUS.

Memory is high right now due to chip demand from Samsung's and Apple's increased smart phone demand of LPDDR4 memory they use competing with resources for regular DDR4 DIMM memory. That likely will slow down some and return prices closer to normal by fall according to some industry analysts.

Unless your current build is no longer serving your needs, there's no reason why not to wait. My only concern about an Intel build is that they like to cut off upgrade paths after about 2 years with new chipsets introductions. Just look at what has happened in less than two years: we've gone through three different chipsets between Kaby Lake, Skylake, and Coffee Lake (x170, x270, x370 series). Fortunately you could upgrade a 6th-gen Kaby Lake chip to a 7th-gen Skylake chip with a BIOS update on the motherboard, but it was not worth it unless upgrading from an i5 to an i7. The 8th-Gen Coffee Lakes required a new motherboard chipset. In 2019 Intel will release the 9th generation on an x470 platform (Ice Lake) and if the chipset will be compatible with 8th gen is anyone's guess because it will be a die shrink from 14nm to 10nm.

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