Build Advice Build advice for 24/7 stability ?

Mar 18, 2023
Hi all,
It's been over 10 years since I built my last PC (Core i7-4770), so please be gentle.
Basically it's time to update my CCTV/server PC that runs 24/7, so stability, quietness and low running costs are more important than speed.

Using PCPartPicker this is what I've come up with so far:

The PC Case is one I'm also struggling with, as I will be transferring 3 x 3.5inch drives into it (1 x 2TB data, 1 x 2TB recording, 1 x 4TB archive transfer after recording is full).
I did think of a new 2TB NVMe drive to replace my Data drive which would give me more choice in cases as there are less cases that accept 3 x 3.5inch.
It must be just me, as I don't like all this RGB stuff and clear sides, so that also reduces my choices.

Also my CCTV records at 4K H.265 and I don't know how good the i5-13500 will cope with encoding/decoding, so I can also re-use my current Geforce GTX 1050Ti as well.

Has anyone have any experience of using an NVMe drive for continuous CCTV recording? From what I've read people still don't recommend it.
fractal pop silent is sort of badly engineered case :
the front panel doesn´t allow enough air to get through and the case has a terrible temperatures inside under load .
you should step it up and get R6 / define 7 or define S .
motherboard you chose is not exactly ideal for 24/7 usage either .
and you can also get more quiet power supply than corsair TX .

what is your budget limit for this build ?