Build Compatibility Check


Jul 13, 2011
I am going to be assembling a new PC sometime soon with very similar specs. It seems fine to me but I would just like to double check if all the components are compatible with each other. Better safe than sorry.

Also, are there any recommendations for parts I should change? So far I have dropped down from a HAF 922 to a HAF 912 and from 700W PSU to a 600W PSU due to recommendations.


Just noticed, the MOBO went out of stock this morning. I'm heading out to work now but I will sub in another one, unless someone has a recommendation.

Thanks a lot!

Edit: For reference, the chosen MOBO was around $90 if I recall correctly.
Only buy AM3+ motherboards that can run the soon to be released bulldozer cpu's

Preferrably one with a 9xx series chipset

If you are building to a budget Id save money on the processor to buy a better motherboard .