[SOLVED] Build custom PC to sell or just sell i5-9400F?

Jan 8, 2020
Good evening,

I just recently upgraded the processor and RAM in my desktop so now I have an i5-9400F and 8GB RAM stick sitting around doing nothing. I would like to try and get some money back for them but I was considering the possibility of building a full gaming desktop with them and then selling them that way. Part of the reason I was thinking of doing this is because I think it would be fun to build a PC since I've never done it before and it seems like an interesting experience. I don't care too much if I don't make a profit, it would just be nice to maybe make close to 75% value back.

My main concern is that I am not overly familiar with the gaming PC market and what most people are looking to buy or if anyone is even interested in buying custom built PCs from someone who has never built one before. From the research I've done so far, I've come up with the following components to buy that could possibly make a PC at around a 500$ price point.

GPU: XFX Radeon RX 570 4GB version
Storage: Sabrent Rocket 256GB SSD M.2 2280
Mobo: MSI H310M Pro M.2 Plus
PSU: EVGA BR 500W 80+ Bronze
Case: Cougar MG110-W
Fans: Uphere 3-pack 120mm red led cooling fans.
Total ~360$ with tax included

If anybody is willing to give some advice, does this sound like a venture that I should even try, or would it be better to just throw the i5-9400F on ebay and see what I can get for it? Thank you for any replies.