build feedback on $1200 AMD build

Nov 13, 2018
I can use some advice on my parts list. I would like to keep it around $1200 . This will be used for photo editing and gaming. I currently have a corsair k55 keyboard and a logitech G 602 mouse along with a 27 inch free synch monitor. It is doubtful I will be doing any type of overclocking.

cpu - not sure why its showing 179 when its sold out at at that price

motherboard - possible alternative is gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO WIFI - this is 30 less but msi seems to get better reviews , not sure if it is worth the price differnce though

RAM was undecided between the lpx , Trident Z RGB or gskill ripjaw V , both seem to be quite popular and currently on sale

SSD with current sale decided to up it to 1 TB. If sale ends will go back to 500GB . regarding form factor 2.5 vs m2 is there any difference This drive will be for windows, games, photoshop and other programs.

hard drive - I need lots of storage for photos and psd files. other possible choice was toshiba x300 5TB drive ($ 135 ) but there were too many reports of it being noisy. I do not want any seagate drive due to bad experience with them over the years

videocard - just purchased while on sale - saved me 40 bucks

power supply - prices have just changed - was going to go with 650 but $30 more seems to be quite a premium . Videocard i bought says 500 is needed.

case - totally open here as to what midtower one to get. I would prefer one that I can install a dvd drive. Also would prefer one that allows at least 3 hard drives( not ssd drives) Looks are not important as case will be under a desk. other possibilities i saw was Deepcool TESSERACT SW, Rosewall challenger S. Like the spec 02 these are all old cases , dont know if newer ones have better air flow, newer usb ports , etc .

thanks for any advice!!!

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