Question Build help- Ryzen 5 5600x motherboard and PSU


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No, that PSU is totally fine for that graphics card. If however you think you might upgrade to a higher end card at some point in the next couple of years it might make more sense to go with a higher capacity model depending on what you might go with. For now, it's fine.

As for the motherboard, honestly, it's been almost two years since the 5000 series was released, and given all the shortages we've seen over that time it's almost impossible that you'd get any X570 or B550 board that didn't already have a compatible BIOS version installed to support the 5000 series so long as you buy from a larger retailer like Amazon, Newegg, etc. AND do not select a motherboard being sold by a small third party seller. So long as Amazon, Newegg, etc., are the "sold by" and "shipped by" you can pretty well guarantee it will have a recent BIOS version. Even many smaller sellers it still will but some of them might have older inventory so best to avoid them. And by smaller sellers, I mean third party Amazon sellers, people on Ebay, etc.
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