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Jun 18, 2022
Hello , im building a gaming pc for my father to play togheter after alot of unluck with prebuild bsod that ended with a full refound after 4 months of troubleshooting attempts and struggle.... : (

this is what ive come up with some suggestion from friends: budget is 1300 euro

im very unsure about going micro cuz he lives in tunisia and have high room temps but the build seems a good value/budget overall
even according to this video

gonna greatly appreciate any tipps about what i could improve for better value
we plan to play mostly elden ring and star citizen on 1080p , 60 fps more then enough : D

thx in advance for any help
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I5-12400F is a very good choice.
If you can get the non-F version with integrated graphics for a small upcharge, so much better.
It helps to have integrated graphics available if you should ever have a gpu issue.

Coolermaster hyper212 will work, but I had to install one and installation was difficult. Instructions were worthless, even for an experienced builder.
I think there are better 120mm tower coolers out there.
Noctua, scythe, bequiet for example.

Do some research on the graphics cards.
I seem to have heard some negative comments about the 6700XT units.
Perhaps 3060ti or 3070

On the psu, buy a quality unit.
One with a 7 to 10 year warranty.
Newegg has that unit with only a 30 day warranty.
Look at seasonic focus or corsair rm.
The cpu is strong enough for a much stronger graphics card; you might want to look at 750w which is usually not much more.
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