Build Advice Build I5-13600k but someone suggested I could go for 5800x3d

Jun 3, 2023
Currently Own:
Antec DP 502 case
Asus prime x570-p with AMD 3600x and ddr 4 16gig 3200
Nvidia 1070ti
32" -1440 monitor

Currently from what I read and all the opinions I came up with this:


Antec DP 502 case
I5-13600k with MSI Mag 790 Tomahawk and ddr 5 32gig 6000
Noctua NH-D15 ( any solid cooler really but I have this on hand)
Msi Mag A850g psu
I think this system will last me for quite a while.

When I purchased the RX6750XT, someone suggested I could go AMD 7 5800x3d instead.
My issue at first was well if I upgrade the CPU only and upgrade to hotter running GPU 4070/4080/ 7900xtx the poor NVME right under video card (its directly under it) would not be happy.
I had to add a low profile heatsink and added a fan to push air up with my current setup . Sometimes 70+ deg or more but now down to 50-56 deg with load

So I know the 5800x3d is very good for games. I5-13600k is also good (from I read quite bit better) but soars above the 5800x3d outside of games.
Games = Diablo IV, FFXIV, ESO, and couple of others... outside of games...I do some blender and some video related tasks but not much more.

From budget standpoint.
IF the AMD 7 5800x3d would be an option say for next 3-4 years I would have to purchase:
Ram - ddr4 32gig 3600 or even 4000 .. 3200 at 16 gig is okay but most new game suggest more.
PCIE M.2 adapter: the m.2 #1 under the video would have no hope against heat of the amd cpu so m.2 #2 is Windows 11 and use the adapter for other.
Whether I upgrade the ram or not I save $430-$540.. which will give me room to upgrade the GPU (thus return the rx6750xt and get a better gpu) , This savings would drop well over half if I had to get new motherboard for 5800x3d and not much different then Intel budget wise.

Side note: I am still in decision mode and unopened , and returnable boxes :) except for the cpu cooler.
But i have so far decided upon the I5-13600k build but cannot afford the 4070 , 4080 or the rx7900xt or 7900 xtx I was hoping for.

I have kept in mind that Intel looks like it's holding off its gen 14 for a bit longer. Also, the cost for AMD 7 (7700x) actually just over $120 more or so then the I5-13600k build but with upgrades to 2025. (Many reviews state the Intel is still better vs value. It's tough to decide
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Jun 3, 2023
As a cost perspective :

I5-13600k, DDR 5 Ram (unopened) because the MSI motherboard is on the way... all can be returned :)

Prices: CPU 419.00 RAM 140.00 Motherboard 330.00 Total = CDN 889.00 w/tax 1004.57

For the 5800x3d,

Prices: CPU 409.00 Ram 102.00( 32 gig 4000) 83.00 (32 gig 3600) 0.00 (keeping 16 gig 3200) Motherboard MSI x570s 255.00

Total = 766.00 w/tax 866.00 (4000), 747 w/tax 844.00 (3600), 664 w/tax 750.00 for 16 gig 3200

Difference is 139.00, 160.00 or 255.00 Keeping my current motherboard knock just paying for ram upgrade. Taxes up here make things look larger !

If IF I can find b-type motherboard its maybe $50 saving even more

So for performance /cost .. ddr5 is apparently worth it for 13th Gen intel but ddr4 can run just as good but prices are ridiculous . There is maybe $10-20 difference between ddr4 and ddr 5 same model motherboard. I have actually seen the ddr 4 high then ddr5 ..


Jun 17, 2019
i have a 13600k with d15 3200ddr4 and a 7900xt its a beast plays 4k np on my c1. i had a 12100f b4 so i just ploped the cpu in the b660 mobo. im thinking of upgrading to a 8800x3d next yr i wanna get on am5 just for upgradability. n ddr5. the 6cores seems a lil out of sorts sumtimes get the odd stutter but very rare. the 8ecores dont do much while gaming but work for cpu bound tasks.