Question Build or Buy best computer for around $1000


Jun 22, 2019
Hi all,

I've been out of the PC building racket for over a decade and honestly have no idea how to choose the best value components for building a PC, or even whether you can still save money by building a PC instead of buying one. A friend of mine wants to get a PC tower for about $1000, and I was wondering what is the best computer I could buy or build for that budget?
It's generally cheaper to build than to buy, and fortunately prices for computers have started to get cheaper as of recent developments in the global processor stock shortage.
Check out this nifty little PC component/part picker website came out since your decade hiatus, it'll show you prices for each individual component of your choice that you want to put in your PC
Simply choose what parts you want for your PC and you can ascertain the overall cost.

Though you probably have no clue what you even need, so I advise you google "pre-built PC" and take a gander at what's available in your region. Once you've found one, read the tech spec list and try to copy that build into a similar custom one in that in the link above. You'll find your answer.