Question Build sound ok: R5 3600, G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB(2x8), Asus TUF X570 +wifi?

Mar 12, 2020
So I have a 10 year old build still chugging along. I was hoping to migrate as many components as possible. I am in Australia and have the 'Corvid Slush Fund' $750 AUD bonus to utilise for an upgrade.

The only components I think I will need to upgrade/swap should be: Motherboard, CPU and RAM.

Does the build sound ok so far, AMD Ryzon 5 3600, G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB(2x8) and Asus TUF X570 +wifi?
I do some photoshop, audio work and gaming.

I plan to migrate to it a sata connected SSD, 6 HDDs and a DVD-R drive (8x SATA).
I was hoping my Noctua NH-D14 cooler would still be compatible but presume it won't (and will use the Wraith to start). Just found this, yay!
I have a bunch of Noctua PWM and regular case fans to use.
I have an Nvidia GTX 970, not the best GPU but it's 'great' to me being on a 10 year old CPU (AMD Phenom II 965 black x4). I plan to at least upgrade base components first before considering GPU, monitor or other upgrades.
I have a Fractal Design R3 case (I think it is, whatever the latest model in 2009-2010 was). I am happy with this. Would like to upgrade eventually but it does the job and I figure to use it until I can afford an upgrade.
I would like an M2 drive for boot \ O/S drive but will put that on the 'future' list, using my Samsung 850 Pro SSD for the mean time.
I was hoping to use my Corsair HX650 PSU as I presume this should be enough for the build with a single GPU.
I have a 21.5" LED LCD Benq monitor with a few dead pixels I would really like to upgrade but again, priority is main components - CPU, mobo and RAM.

I mostly wanted the Asus motherboard after having issues with Gigabyte (microATX) mobos in 2009-2010, and my Asus M99XEVO surviving to this day 10 years later and still running well.

Does my mobo/CPU/RAM plan sound ok for the money? Any recommendations or suggestions? Budget could go a little higher but would like to keep at $750 AUD if possible.


Yeah, it's pretty good, but you can save some more money on the motherboard with an Msi B450 Tomahawk MAX - works with Ryzen 3000 out of the box, unlike a lot of B450s.
You didn't mention the speed of the memory, but as long as it's 3200-3600, it's in a good spot as well.

EDIT: Oh shoot, I didn't consider if you really needed the WiFi.
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Mar 12, 2020
Nah I hate Wifi, but I like Asus boards from my experience so far - MSI seems ok too though. The Asus seems like it would last longer and have better audio potentially, but I don't know after 10 years out of the game.. I don't mind spending an extra $100 or so on a mobo compared to getting something cheaper, as I think having a quality PSU and motherboard is one of the most important things in a build.

I checked out the Msi B450 thunder max. It seems like a great value motherboard but I am kind of restricted by needing 8 SATA slots. I definitely want 8 as I struggle to have enough storage with 6 HDDs, an SSD + externals lol

Memory is 3400 speed. Glad to hear sounds alright!

Total price is $772 shopping around..
$129 AUD for Ripjaws V memory, $369 for Asus mobo (or cheaper online but I like to be able to RMA to a store directly if any issues) and $274 for Ryzon 5 3600 (PBTech NZ overseas order but free post - $279 to buy in a store locally, so would be $777 with all in store purchases)

Then I can start thinking about graphics cards and monitors after this upgrade xD

A little sad to part with my 32GB DDR3 memory (4x8) - is there any market for 2nd hand DDR memory still? It's 10 years old G.Skill but still running awesome after all this time.