Question Build with ECC Memory + WiFi

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Oct 26, 2011
I need a build which will be used mostly for internet surfing, editing documents and watching movies.
The most important for me is data integrity, such as with ECC Memory.

MAYBE I will manage to exploit it for low level or medium level gaming (that is only optional).
For example, if the Intel CPU has integrated graphics, then it will probably allow me low level gaming without a graphic card (and without much effort).
Another example, if the build already allows it - then MAYBE I will choose to install some Nvidia card (such as RTX 3060) sometime in the future (but the build shouldn't make an effort to adjust the components for it).

I know that it would be a workstation (because of the ECC Memory requirement), but I hope that it would be similar enough to a desktop PC.

My needs are as follows:

  • Must be Intel.
  • Must support ECC Memory.
  • Preferably "Intel® Core™ i5-12600 Processor" because it supports ECC Memory and I can compare it to other desktop CPUs (it is familiar to me).
  • Preferably Asus.
  • Supports Intel CPU.
  • Supports ECC Memory.
  • On the back, at least 4 USB inputs type A.
  • On the front panel, at least one USB.
  • At least 4 SATA connectors.
  • Firmware support for profiles.
  • Graphic port is DP, via CPU.
  • Has one 1Gbps Ethernet port.
  • At least WiFi5. (Interested in the price difference with WiFi6E).
  • Preferably - Form factor is either Micro-ATX or Mini-ATX.
  • Standard audio (2.1) inputs.
  • Optional - Supports 4 RAM slots (for optional bigger memory).
  • Optional - Supports a graphic card, such as a "ASUS ROG RTX 3060" variant.
  • Capacity: 16GB (2x8GB).
  • ECC Memory.
  • All system components must support ECC memory.
  • Data integrity and operation reliability is of high importance in this build, so it takes precedence in the choice of components.
  • Smallest size possible.
  • Must support at least one 2.5" drive.
  • Preferably - Supports three 2.5" drives.
  • Optional - Supports two 3.5" drives.
Power Supply Unit:
  • High quality (I appreciate a good PSU).

The following is according to the sticky thread:

Approximate Purchase Date:
This week.

Budget Range:
500$ after rebates and after shipping.

System Usage from Most to Least Important:
Surfing the internet, watching movies, low-to-medium gaming.

Are you buying a monitor:
Yes - a 1440p ("2K"), 27", 60Hz monitor - BUT it is irrelevant to the build request here - please don't consider it in the budget.

Parts to Upgrade: (e.g.: CPU, mobo, RAM):
I'm not upgrading, rather I want a new build.

Do you need to buy OS:

Parts Preferences:
Already indicated.


SLI or Crossfire:

Your Monitor Resolution:
Will buy some 1440p resolution.

Additional Comments:
Preferably a quiet PC.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading:
Need a system which ensures data integrity (such as with ECC Memory feature).


Your requirements are way too unrealistic, especially this one:

Budget Range:
500$ after rebates and after shipping.

With 500 bucks, it doesn't happen. R680E or W680 chipset MoBo alone is 500 bucks, IF you can find it on sale at all.

Here is what i found;
  • Asus R680EI-IM-A
  • AsRock IMB-X1233-WV
  • AsRock IMB-X1231
  • AsRock IMB-X1314
  • AsRock IMB-X1712
  • Supermicro MBD-X13SAE
  • Supermicro MBD-X13SAE-F

I only validated Asus MoBo, and while it is mini-ITX, it only supports ECC RAM with Xeon CPU. So, Asus MoBo is off the table, if you go with i5-12600 CPU. The rest of the MoBos are for you to check out, if they support ECC with Core i5 or not, among other things you want from a MoBo.

Also, do note that some of the MoBos listed support DDR5 RAM, and that is one expensive RAM.

Here, i'd add additional 0 to your budget, if you want your build to be viable. Either that, or drop the ECC RAM requirement, since ECC RAM, especially DDR5, will cost a fortune.
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