Building a ~600 Dollar Gaming / Music Production PC


Oct 9, 2012
Hey, so Christmas is approaching and soon afterwards boxing day! I wanted to take advantage of the accompanying sales and build my first PC, for specifically gaming and audio production. I'd like to try and keep the core build around 600 dollars, as I need to buy some not terrible speakers, a monitor, and other things to accompany my computer.

I've come up with a list of parts that I think work for my purposes. I'd just like help to make sure that they're all compatible, that they're sufficient for my purposes, that I'm not missing out on something far better for a similar price, and that I'm not missing anything for my computer.

Case 59.99
or 79.99 -
Processor 234.99
Harddrive 109.99 -
8gb Ram 34.99 -
Motherboard 101.99 -
Power Supply 54.99 -
Dvd Drive 18.99 -
GPU 169.99 -
Wi-Fi Adapter 14.99 -
Bluetooth Adapter 21.99 -
Speakers -

*Just for the sake of saying, I am very loosely following this build >
This is because his tutorial will be the one I am following when I build this PC. [=

Yeah, any of any kind that anyone would be willing to give would be appreciated. Right now the core build i've come up with is a bit more expensive than I'd like, so any help cutting down the cost even by a little would be fantastic. Anything I buy unfortunately is limited to, ect. since I don't believe ships to Canada. If anyone knows, does Newegg have boxing day/week sales? Just something I'm looking out for.



Nov 17, 2012

This post is two weeks after your first post, hope I'm not too late.

First off, you have a "k" processor, which means you pay more money for an unlocked multiplier, which in turn means much better overclocking (which means more future-proof and performance in gaming). But you can only overclock if your motherboard has a Z77 chipset. Your motherboard choice is H77. You have to options: either drop down to a slightly cheaper locked "non-k" CPU or buy the cheapest Z77 mobo you can find, which I would recommend. Something like the MSI Z77A-G41 for $70.

You're kind of skimping on your video card, so keep in mind that you may need an upgrade at some point.

NCIX has great Boxing Day sales that last through New Year btw.

Demanding on how serious you are about audio production, you may want a dedicated sound card (motherboards usually come with one built in). Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but for audio production a decent gaming rig can handle everything, other than the sound card stitch. Also, instead of getting $90 speakers I highly recommend getting the best headphones for the same price.

That's all I got to say, so good luck! And don't forget to set aside funds for audio production software and games. Plus the operating system. And a media keyboard.