Question Building A Computer In A Roadie Case, How Would I Power It?

Mar 1, 2019
So as the title says, I need help powering my project. How would I go about powering the psu? I am looking at 50Ah lithium battery packs, but to be honest I have no idea on how to hook it up to my psu or how to make it not explode. I know this is not a normal post, so if this is in the wrong spot or anything like that feel free to let me know.

I should also mention that if it wasn't clear, I want this to function like a laptop.

Full Part List Is Here:


Are you looking to be able to power this and use it like a laptop, in a VEHICLE, or as a stand alone product in the middle of the woods somewhere? Because in a vehicle, say the back of a truck or in a van of some kind, is possible, but trying to do it with battery packs is unrealistic. It would never last long enough to be of any use at all honestly. The fans alone would run any battery pack that was even remotely feasible for use with a system you're going to have to move around, in a fairly short amount of time. And that is if you could even contrive something to work. Better would be to use a power inverter attached to a vehicle that you could simply plug things into and use much the same as you'd normally do if it were in a building where normal outlets were available.

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It's a trap!
You do know Panasonic has solved this problem in laptops with its Toughbook series.

You're not the first one to come here with this kind of idea, and won't be the last. The batteries will never last long enough to be useful.